• @Emyr Gibsoncom/JohnRowlandsMon" target="_new">@John Rowlands Mônom/IwanLlechid" target="_new">@Iwan Llechid" target="_new"> @IwanLlechid @JohnRowlandsMon @EmyrGibson Diolch i chi!
    8 October 2015

  • Cyfle gwych arall gan @Zoom / Another great opportunity from Zoom Cymru!
    7 October 2015

  • @Amber-Marie Hart the Level 3 is age 23.
    5 October 2015

  • @Amber-Marie Hart You could also look for work experience opportunities via the BBC in Wales (try the website jobs section for details)
    5 October 2015

  • @Amber-Marie Hart If you are willing to move out of Wales, you may find something sooner my looking over the border
    5 October 2015

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