Meet the Crew- Mali Tudno Jones

Every month, Cyfle will feature a member of Criw Cyfle Crew, the specialist Media Crew Directory, on the web site, offering an insight into the professional lives of former Cyfle trainees.

November’s Cyfle Crew Member is Mali Tudno Jones.


Mali Tudno Jones


Trainee Multiplatform Writer

Mali_p8AUl_case_study_m.jpgMali worked as an actress for twelve years before changing her career to write for the theatre.  Whilst working as a writer, she applied for Cyfle’s Digital Delta scheme – a two stranded course in which participants explored the multiplatform world, creating content for mobile, online, print, live events, gaming and social media.

Keen to innovate with her writing, the Digital Delta course opened up new avenues to Mali.  “It gave me the confidence to experiment with the projects I had already created, but also to converse with people I would not normally converse with online, to partake in a discussion about where storytelling and narrative design are heading.” said Mali.

This discussion and learning process has resulted in Mali forging a niche for herself in this ever changing landscape.  Her knowledge of multiplatform and digital communication has led to her becoming a sought after social media consultant, maintaining the online presence of a theatre company and a number of businesses and enterprises based in Wales.  She is also still in touch with other graduates of the Digital Delta scheme, working alongside some of them on a number of projects.

In addition to this work, Mali is currently preparing to showcase an idea with the Wales Millennium Centre Incubator project for a play for children with interactive content.  A fluent Welsh speaker, she recently pitched an idea to S4C who have since offered her funding for its development.  She notes “None of these things would have come about had I not won a place on the Digital Delta course with Cyfle.”

Many writers work in isolation, struggling with motivation, lack of opportunity or unsure which direction they should take with their work.  Mali found that training with Cyfle was a boost to her own creativity.  “I can honestly say that Cyfle has given me so many opportunities that would otherwise have never come my way.” She added, “I would recommend Cyfle training to anyone who may feel a slight stagnation or frustration with their creative journey in life.  It gave me the kick up the backside that was long overdue!”

You can contact Mali and other former Cyfle trainees through the Criw Cyfle Crew section of the web site.

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